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The Heraldry Society of New Zealand was formed (originally as an independent branch of the Heraldry Society in the United Kingdom) in 1962. Its principal objects are to promote and encourage the study and knowledge of heraldry in all its forms, including armory, chivalry, ceremonial, and kindred subjects.

The Patron of the Society is the Governor-General of New Zealand.

Members receive newsletters and a quarterly journal The New Zealand Armorist. Occasional seminars are held in Auckland in addition to informal gatherings of members, and heraldic displays are arranged periodically.

The Society maintains a library of heraldic books and journals, and exchanges magazines with overseas heraldry societies. The Society does not undertake private research but can guide members to appropriate resources.

The annual subscription is currently:

  • Full member NZ$30.00

  • Student subscription NZ$10.00 (available for any person not older than 25 years and who is enrolled at any educational institution)

  • Overseas subscribers (of either category) please add NZ$5.00 per year. A personal cheque in your own currency is acceptable*

*Sterling cheques (payable to “D. R. Barnes”) for £16.00 (£9.00 student) and Australian bank-notes of A$30.00 (A$16.00 student) are acceptable.

If you would like to apply for membership to The Heraldry Society of New Zealand Incorporated, please return the completed Application Form to:

The Heraldry Society of New Zealand
c/o D. R. Barnes
4 Atworth Way
Auckland 2013

Alternatively, you can complete the online application form by clicking here.


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