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Iain William Boyd


Iain William Boyd

Crest—On a helmet of burnished steel with gold border and bars and red lining, a maiden proper clothed per pale Azure and Sable lined Or, the skirt extending to form the mantling, wearing a gold belt and holding in her right hand three roses slipped and leaved Vert – the middle rose Gules irradiated Or and the two outer roses Argent – all three roses seeded Or and barbed Vert.

Mottoes—Lucem e Tenebris Quaeres (Seek the light out of the darkness).  Alabo y Defiendo (I praise and I defend).

Certified—Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent, Cronista Rey de Armas, Madrid, Spain on the 25th June, 1974.

The shield is based on that of Lord Kiltharnock, the Chief of the Scottish family of Boyd – “Azure, a fesse chequey Argent and Gules” – and was differenced to indicate that the armiger is an indeterminate cadet of the family. The ‘interlacing pattern’ represents the armiger’s Celtic interests – Scottish and Irish music and dancing, art, poetry and early history. This Celtic design is derived from a decorated initial in the Book of Kells (see the illustration of the words ‘Cum ergo’ in “The Book Of Kells” described by Sir Edward Sullivan, plate XXII, page 106).

The crest refers to the armiger’s maternal family – the Townsends of Castle Townsend, County Cork, Ireland. The colours of the maiden’s dress are those of their coat of arms – “Per chevron Azure and Sable, a chevron Erminois between three escallops Argent”. The flowers have no special significance other than the armiger’s love of roses. The original inspiration for the crest was the illustration of the arms of Pscherer in “The Art Of Heraldry” by A C Fox-Davies, plate CXLVIII, figure 2. The arrangement of a red rose between two white roses was suggested by the crest of Rosenburger illustrated in the “Wappenbuch der Stadt Basel”. The central rose was irradiated to ‘tie’ the crest and the motto together. The motto may be translated as “Seek the light out of the darkness” which can mean “Seek truth and knowledge”.


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