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Gregor Alexander Macaulay


Gregor Alexander Macaulay

Arms—Gules two arrows saltirewise Argent surmounted of a less chequy of the Second and First between a buckle Or in chief and a lion’s head erased of the Last langued Argent in base, a bordure of the Third.

Crest—Two hands paleways supporting a boot Proper, thereon a spur Or.

Motto—Tha an Tighearna ‘gam stiuradh

Granted—The Court of the Lord Lyon, 19th February 1990. Lyon Register, Volume 73, page 36.

The Letters Patent recite the grantee’s ancestry in the male line back through his great-grandfather. John Macaulay (who emigrated from Caithness to New Zealand in 1860), to his great-great-great-grandfather, also John Macaulay, his earliest traceable Macaulay ancestor.

The design of the arms follows the pattern for the arms of MacAulay of Ardincaple, chief of the name, but is distinguished by including only one buckle rather than three, and a lion’s head, which is an allusion to the crest badge of the MacGregors. The grantee’s great-grandmother, Ann McGregor, who was born near Stirling, also came to New Zealand in 1860: she met John Macaulay on the voyage out and was married to him in 1862, by the Rev Thomas Burns, nephew of Robert Burns and the first minister of the Otago settlement.

The Grantee is a second son, so the arms are surrounded by a gold bordure.

The boot in the crest is made distinctive by being supported by two hands and thereby illustrates the motto, which means The Lord is my Guide, suggested by the pious but heartfelt sentiment in the first letter received by John Macaulay in New Zealand from his uncle, Angus Macaulay: “may the Lord be your guide and portion for evermore”. The motto answers that of MacAulay of Ardincaple, Dulce Periculum (danger is sweet) and, by happy coincidence, also includes the grantee’s initials.

This rendition of the arms is from a bookplate by the Canadian Herald and heraldic artist Gordon Macpherson.


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