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Badge of the HSNZ

At its Annual General Meeting in November 2008, the Heraldry Society of New Zealand adopted a badge, illustrated below.  The badge was designed in the course of the Society’s Heraldry Seminar in September 2007.

The New Zealand Branch of the (English) Heraldry Society had used the Society’s badge, but with changes in the relationship between the Branch and the Society, and the Branch’s change of name to reflect its independent status, a new emblem had become appropriate.

Description: HSNZ_badge_b&w

The badge of the Heraldry Society of New Zealand

The lion can be regarded as the epitome of heraldry. It is golden like the English royal lions, and sejant affronty like the one in the Scottish royal crest. The lion’s face and ancient crown are as in the arms of our former parent society, but with the crown having koru-like embellishments, as in the version of those arms which the New Zealand Branch used for some years.

The scroll (which mirrors the shape of the tail, and therefore helps to balance the design) has the motto ONWARD from the older version of New Zealand’s coat of arms.

Also from the New Zealand arms are the blue and red quarters (as well as being from the arms of the former parent society), the black lymphad on white, and the four stars of the Southern Cross which, for simplicity, are without the red centres. (The four stars and a lymphad, flying a pennon with the motto ONWARD, were the main features of the Branch’s book-plate.)

The shields represent heraldry, on which the lion has a firm hold. Its claws are white in contrast to the blue, red and green, the last symbolising this country’s forests.

On a roundel Vert, a lion sejant affronty Or, langued Gules, armed Argent, crowned with an ancient crown Or, supporting with its fore-paws an escutcheon quarterly Azure and Gules, on an inescutcheon between four stars (mullets) in cross Argent, a lymphad, sail furled, oars in action Sable, flagged Gules; in the dexter chief of the roundel, a scroll Or with the motto ONWARD Gules.

Adopted November 2008

Artist: Roger Barnes



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