Grants of Arms

New Zealand does not have its own heraldic authority to grant or record arms, and most grants of arms to New Zealand residents and institutions (beginning in the 1860s) have been made by the heraldic officers of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom (the English Kings of Arms at the College of Arms in London and the Scottish Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh). Smaller numbers of grants have been made by the Chief Herald of Ireland and the State Herald of South Africa. (The Chief Herald of Canada does not grant arms to citizens of countries other than Canada).

A Grant of Arms by the College of Arms, to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand


4 comments on “Grants of Arms

  1. I have been searching everywhere that I know, but still cannot find it: Who’s arms are those to the left of the British arms on the Letters Patent as shown above?

  2. To be even more precise, those were the arms of the 16th Duke of Norfolk. The current Earl Marshal, the 18th Duke of Norfolk, is not a Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG). Therefore, Letters Patent granting arms since 2002 have His Grace’s arms without the encircling Garter depicted in the grant above.

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