Welcome to the Heraldry Society of New Zealand’s official blog

This is a warm welcome to all and singular! If you are interested in heraldry, particularly in New Zealand, or if you wish to learn more about the science of heraldry, then you have come to the right place!

The Heraldry Society of New Zealand (HSNZ), established in 1962, is the principal New Zealand learned society concerned with the scholarly study of armorial bearings, the law of arms, heralds, and officers of arms.

The Society publishes a quarterly journal, The New Zealand Armorist. This blog is intended to complement the society’s journal by posting heraldry-related notices, as well as keeping the society’s members updated on upcoming events.

Heraldry Society of New Zealand

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2 comments on “Welcome to the Heraldry Society of New Zealand’s official blog

  1. Hello,

    it is good to find your organisation, I have become interested in the early origins of my name and my People who are recorded in the Domesday Book.

    I am particularly interested in the the Coat of arms that is easily available via websites. My interest is in knowing whether it is authentic or whether it is a modern invention for sale (I realise that the original coats of arms also had an element of raising funds for the king – I believe)

    My question is can you point me in the right direction to find information on when the Pepperell coat of arms originated and possibly the circumstances.

    I understand the name (originally Peveril in early Norman-French) to be of ‘nickname’ origin of the favourite (illegitimate) son of the liaison between a Saxon Princess and William the Conqueror – which is a great piece of history and one that I would like to think is true of course.

    Any advice on establishing the authenticity of the later Peveril/Pepperell coat of arms would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Martin Pepperell

  2. Most of the heraldic ‘bucket shops’ take the first entry for a name out of Burkes, or some other armory publication, and attempt to sell them to anyone with the same surname. It is unlikely that you would be entitled to the Pepperell / Peveril arms displayed by such a vendor.

    Armorial bearings are granted to ’eminent people’ and pass to descendants in the male line. To be entitled to Pepperell / Peveril arms you must trace your paternal line back to a man granted arms by the College of Arms (England), Lyon Court (Scotland) or the Chief Herald of Ireland. Failing that you may apply to the College of Arms for your own grant of arms. I would suggest contacting the New Zealand Herald of Arms Extraordinary.

    I would also suggest contacting the College of Arms or NZ Herald if you are simply interested in the historical aspect of Peveril arms. Also, try your library for various armorial publications that may have arms entered for your surnames.

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