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On Monday 18th May, a reception for Dr Claire Boudreau (Chief Herald of Canada), Mr Kevin MacLeod (Canadian Secretary to The Queen), Madame Emmanuelle Sajous (Deputy Herald Chancellor and Deputy Secretary to the Governor General of Canada), and Dr Christopher McCreery (Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia) was held at the Northern Club, Auckland. Dr Boudreau and Mr MacLeod gave short addresses. Dr Boudreau talked about heraldic aspects that would have been reasonably understandable to the listeners. Mr Colin Davis, the President of the Heraldry Society of New Zealand, and two Council Members were present, along with about 50 other people from groups such as the Royal Commonwealth Society (Auckland Branch) and Monarchy New Zealand.

Auckland Institute and Museum’s Achievement of Arms

On Tuesday 19th, Martin Collett, Manuscripts Librarian at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, hosted a visit by Dr Boudreau and her Canadian colleagues. They were shown the Jones of Brawdy pedigree; the New Zealand Roll of Arms, which they specifically requested to see; the John Brigham inlayed illuminated manuscript, featuring the arms of Auckland City; Percy Barnett’s book on armorial bookplates; the Carlton Studio watercolour of ‘Whaowhia’ [the Auckland Institute and Museum’s coat of arms (1920s)]; the 1878 edition of Sir David Lyndsay’s facsimile of an ancient heraldic manuscript; and a manuscript book of crests and monograms. Martin reports:

“All the items were very enthusiastically received and there was much focus and discussion over the New Zealand Roll of Arms. The beaver crest for the arms of the Borough of Blenheim was very quickly spotted by our guests and was a source of much comment. Unfortunately, I was unable to enlighten them as to its exact connection but did say that it was likely an allusion of some sort – thanks to The New Zealand Armorist (No. 4, December 1970), I now know about the beaver connection!” [The borough was originally known as the Town of Beaver].

Dr Boudreau and her Canadian colleagues also attended the conference Constitutional Monarchy in the Commonwealth Realms: Opportunities in Common at the Parliament Buildings in Wellington from 21st to 23 May. On Thursday 21st, at 6pm, there was a “Welcome Reception” at Parliament for those attending the conference (including the four Canadians). On Friday 22 May, the opening address was given by the Hon. Maggie Barry MP, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage. In the several sessions during the day, speakers from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand presented papers on various aspects of the monarchy and heraldry, such as Kevin MacLeod on “A Canadian Secretary to the Queen”, Richard d’Apice on “Symbols of the Crown”, Dr Boudreau on “The Canadian Heraldic Authority”, Dr Sean Palmer on “The Crown’s Continuous Adaptation”, Sir Tipene O’Regan on “Maori [sic] and the Crown”, Professor Stephen Levine on “The Crown and Academic Achievement: the Regius Professorship”, and Dr Christopher McCreery (Canada’s leading authority on that realm’s honours and decorations) on “The Crown and Realm-Specific Honours”. In the evening, the conference dinner was held in the Beehive. The Hon. Michael Kirby (from Australia) was the guest speaker.

Dr Claire Boudreau's Achievement of Arms

Dr Claire Boudreau’s Achievement of Arms

On Saturday 23 May, there were three concurrent “workshops”. Kevin MacLeod led his workshop on “Patriating the Crown”, Emmanuelle Sajous on “Honours Systems in the Realms”, and Claire Boudreau on “Today’s Heraldry” where she showed some illustrations of modern Canadian heraldry, with examples showing its cadency system, First Nations heraldry, and modern heraldic art. Dr Boudreau and several other conference attendees had a look through a portfolio of heraldic illustrations, and she was given a sketch of an armorial supporter in the form of a green taniwha. Further discussions on heraldry took place over lunch at an eatery in Lambton Quay.

There were seven HSNZ members (including the Secretary and the Editor of The New Zealand Armorist present at the conference. The papers which were presented will be published in some form (at least “digitally”, but possibly as a printed book). The conference proved to be a valuable opportunity for New Zealand members of the Society to establish and deepen personal contacts with the Chief Herald of Canada and others from Canada and Australia. Dr Boudreau’s presentations were especially interesting concerning organisational matters and creative forms of heraldic expression if a patriated heraldic authority is ever established in New Zealand.

Thanks to Mr Simon O’Connor MP and Dr Sean Palmer (an HSNZ Council Member) and the others who assisted in organising the conference.


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